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José Rosario Álvarez – Tonalá.

Burnished gourd in clay flag,with floral ornaments.

Elaboration time: month and a half

Notes: Completely handmade piece. No refunds.


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Biography of the Artisan

José Rosario Álvarez

José and José Rosario Alvarez, while still children, learned from their father the elaboration process, to make and work on the pieces and the technique of natural burnishing. Over the years they defined their own style of decoration in burnished clay, making unique shapes and including traditional decorative motifs, but with a new perspective in color and quality, until reaching the fusion of techniques. Their ceramics are nationally and internationally distinguished by collectors and gallery owners, who recognize the quality of their work in the different techniques, they work with; burnished clay, flag clay, clay canelo and fusions. They have earned different recognitions, among which four Presidential Awards stand out.