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Platón Mediano

Ángel Ortiz – Tonalá.

Platón en barro bruñido engobes azules, faisán, elementos florares y decoración chinesca.

Measurements: 41 cm de diametro

Elaboration time: 12 días

Notes: Pieza hecha a mano, no hay devoluciones


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Biography of the Artisan

Ángel Ortiz

Originally from Tonalá, he began working at the age of 10, with those he considers his teachers: Rodolfo Lucano, Juan Lucano and Pablo Jimón, being this last one who taught him about burnished clay and its detailed decoration, which is what now differentiates Ángel’s work from the rest and makes him a true artist. His experience and skills come from various places, he worked with glazed clay, paper mache and high and low temperature ceramics so every technique and every opportunity he has had in life has influenced the type of art he makes. Angel’s pieces have been recognized and acquired by important European and American collectors. Nowadays Angel and his son (who continues with the tradition) have the mission of rescuing the techniques that were used in the region of Tonala in the XIX century, transforming with clay the feelings.